8 foods that most Americans despise


Many Americans find the strong flavor and texture of liver unappetizing.


Anchovies have a strong, salty flavor that many Americans find unappealing.


Tofu is a popular food among vegetarians and vegans, but some Americans find its texture and taste unappealing.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts have a slightly bitter taste that some Americans find unpleasant.


Some Americans have a genetic aversion to cilantro, finding its taste soapy or unpleasant.


Durian is a fruit with a pungent odor and flavor that many Americans find off-putting.

Black licorice

Black licorice has a strong flavor that many Americans find unappealing.


Okra has a slimy texture that some Americans find unappetizing.

Blue cheese

Blue cheese has a strong and pungent flavor that some Americans find unpalatable.