You can balance everything in your life very well you're angry and often under extreme stress you're so badass usually you score around 80%.


You're not really a badass but sometimes you seem badass you're too caught up in equalizing you're quite accomplished in general and plan to really care anyway.


Most Geminis are crooks but they're halfway through you know when something is bothering you but you're strong enough that you can pretend not to do it.


You're not exactly a badass you're more negative than you think and it can be a little overwhelming but you can definitely give up and still come out on top.


You're the worst of all zodiac signs you're the most dramatic and get angry from time to time and get away with almost anything.


You're not a badass but you waste a lot of others' time and your ego overwhelms you which is a very bad thing but you can still be obsessed.


You're not the one who supports drama and you always make sure that your side of things is known you stay calm but you have the potential to be bullies.


You don't take anything from anyone and unless it's a heart thing you're generally weak you're one of the hardest signs.


Everyone likes to be with you yet you're playful while you always take things to the extreme we don't consider you a badass because you always run instead of facing the things that are thrown at you.


You don't do well with violence unless someone you have a loved one or someone in danger you're not a badass but you're also capable of standing your ground.


You always do what you feel is right and never let others let you down you're a very badass but you stand up for what you believe in.


You may look like the person but you also have a flip side which can be considered very badass you can be ready for an attack from the material in the blink of an eye.

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