Failure is not something that you should avoid at all costs it is a step towards success and you should move forward


Sometimes waiting until tomorrow is best for your mental and emotional health but not always because sometimes it's also ruining today.


Instead of running away from failure allow yourself to make mistakes because they are inevitable you won't always find it right but it shouldn't be scary either.


Some will love you some will hate you no matter what happens so you need to make the choices that are best for you.


You need to redefine your definition of success it doesn't mean lowering your expectations just because you won't be the best at what you're willing to do.


You will never accomplish what you start because sometimes it ends better than perfect and following what you've started is the real achievement.


You can't always play well if you want to make your way and you can't worry about making the wrong people uncomfortable because sometimes your kindness is a weakness.


You know what you want from this world but it doesn't matter how much you talk about your goals unless you take action.


The company you hire can affect you more than you realize that if you're among haters you'll feel frustrated and if you're with positive influences and supporters you can achieve anything.


The world never gives you anything you should still try but your hard work is not a guarantee of success but still you should be proud of yourself.


Don't be as happy with accomplishing your big goal as you think because soon you're going to come up with a new goal so remember to celebrate every win.


You're worried about deadlines and achievements no one else is paying full attention to you because you're your own worst critic.

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