You won't get the forgiveness you've always deserved because some people will never see the error of your ways it's up to you to heal your heartache yourself.


Some love is not meant to last forever even if it has brought happiness to your past, but it does not mean that you should be happy with it in the future.


Your best is not stable it always changes just because you have not reached your dreams today but it is not necessary that you are going to fail tomorrow.


When someone hurts you in a way you never imagined it takes only a few seconds to break trust and one mistake can change a relationship forever.


You need to take action to change your world and you need to be proud of yourself to move forward even if it's the wrong way.


Even if you are working as hard as possible humanly, some people are going to overtake you but their success does not make you fail so stop looking at their path and focus on yourself.


You can do everything right and still get bad in the end but to do the right thing you have to be proud of yourself even if it doesn't benefit you it's really a sign of a good human being.


You can't avoid criticism and failure no matter how hard you work so stop putting yourself at such a high level and give yourself room to improve.


It may take months or even years to reach your dreams because your hard work won't always pay off immediately so be patient you can't get anything ahead of time.


If you keep pushing yourself to move at an unstable pace you are about to collapse and you need to be kind to your mind and body.


You can't change other people because some things are out of your control and you can't force them to see the cause.


Some people will never like you because you can't please everyone and spend your whole life trying to change their minds.

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