To start dark at all you are the opposite of a dark soul and not really a dark type but you will be a kind of dark adrenaline boosting like a scary ride or something else.


You have a black soul and your dark soul really shows itself in terms of the ownership you develop for the people you open up to and care about.


Your soul is dark brown that is not completely black and you are able to draw the line between good and bad positives and negatives highs and lows and you are the master of life's ups and downs.


Your soul is an intense dark shade of indigo blue and you are an emotional signal that being sore and insecure is better reflected in your darkness than a blue that feels almost black.


Your soul is not black at all and you are kind and gentle and there is absolutely no room for the existence of darkness for you which is good bcz you are a naturally born leader.


There is no time or place for darkness in your soul and you have no energy to lose or waste from being dark and will never be if it was not dark.


Your soul is both black and white bcz one minute you can be miserable and caught in competition and total darkness then the next moment you smile you feel good and spread pure white light.


No light can come out of the darkness which is your soul bcz your soul is pure black although you may seem harmless even a kind of gray on the outside it is just a mask.


Your soul is not black at all and you are constantly trying the latest trends so if darkness is one of them then you will try it and moreover darkness does not suit you well.


Your soul is black but not in a good way and you avoid dark creepy vibrations that attract others to you so it works to your advantage in fact your darkness is fun and fun.


You're all about the little jokes that life has to offer and if something goes out of your way to avoid the dark side bcz your soul isn't black.


Your soul is a mixture of darkness and light and it all depends on your mood you may feel particularly depressed one week and the next week and you are the exact opposite.

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