You are a calm and confidential person you do not express your feelings in front of anyone but the day you are upset you vent your anger on anyone which makes you crazy.


You are a very angry person and on small things you explode like a time bomb you become aggressive very quickly like an animal turns on its enemy which makes you crazy.


You are a very moody person who is happy in one moment then becomes sad the next moment and starts shouting and fighting at anyone without seeing anyone who makes you crazy.


You are not too crazy always think about helping others but sometimes you become very passionate about your relationships which forces you to become crazy.


You don't care about anyone and tamper with the people around you you damage the people to get to your destination which shows how big crazy you are.


You make every effort to demean others you have a lot of fun doing this but if all this happens to you then you become furious and do not miss out on doing anything wrong that makes you crazy.


You're someone who likes to think more you don't have any uncontrolled mood and you don't always act impulsively so you're less crazy according to your zodiac sign.


You don't really do things the way they should and later say that all things are against you and you make a fuss about what drives you crazy.


You go on a trip to places created in your imaginary world you can never stay in one place with mind and body which is a kind of madness and maybe this also makes you crazy.


You are a very clever kind of person who does not trust anyone easily you are capable of dealing with the most and you go to any extent to get what you like which makes you crazy.


You are a very smart person and keep thinking about your well being you are a very timid person and hide your mistakes but if something happens to you, you like to take revenge for it which makes you crazy.


You like your imaginary world more than reality and you like the things that usually make you different from the rest of the people perhaps these are the reasons that drive you crazy.

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