You hate to dominate anything and if someone does this you get angry and maybe they will even pick up illegal weapons like guns for small things. 


You are a very temperamental person but when you lose out on competition with someone you behave like a cruel dictator and may be determined to dominate the world.


You are a very calm person and you like to help people but whenever something goes wrong around you and you are blamed you can get angry aggressive and do anything.


You are the most dangerous of all zodiac signs who commit crimes with passion and are often arrested for committing crimes again and again due to lack of mental stability.


You are very angry and mentally ill and commit crimes to get fame when you are not rewarded for doing a good job you keep committing crimes to get fame.


You are a very clever person and are adept at stealing you are so skilled in your work that it becomes difficult to detect the crime committed by you bcz you leave no trace after theft.


You are very good in nature but you can also commit crimes you are interested in money so you can get involved in crimes like bank robbery but you avoid doing it personally.


No matter how good you are you too can be dangerous like jealous and aggressive when circumstances are not favorable your miserable nature forces you to flirt with others.


You are a very tough and angry person but you don't shed anyone's blood unless your life is in danger you are known as an excellent thief and come on the list of dreaded criminals.


You are known as a carefree criminal and you are well equipped to commit all kinds of crimes whether it is theft or murder of someone and you are a very careless person so you are easily caught.


You are a very clever and tamasic person and you are adept at taking revenge on anyone your charismatic leadership skills make them good manipulators and you can also become great pirates.


You can lose your temper when you are angry but you are sharp and if you do not get a chance for anything you can also become a serial killer.

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