You are brave types consider developing sensitivity as well as practicality that will allow you to understand in advance what works and what not



Instead of playing the role of a deep root oak tree try to be a reed that bends in the air and suits others and if you listen to your heart then your strength will be more effective


Dive deeper into your current projects instead of falling apart in the winds take a step back and feel yourself in situations instead of thinking one day you'll find that your hard work will pay off.


Try to close your heart for a day and listen to your head If you learn to be more flexible and safe your incredible ability to understand possibilities will be all the more powerful.

You are cheerful open and naturally optimistic so plan before taking any action take quality time and enjoy it if you do that you will shine brighter and brighter.



You have to figure out your hidden fire which means cultivating optimism taking strange risks and following your dreams instead of your homework on occasion.


You're a social and engaging chatterbox but forget to get approval and get respect and now go ahead and throw that tip out the window and focus a little on yourself.


You need a sense of depth like some others and you live naturally with emotional intensity you will never be superficial but you will find that living on the surface adds a missing dimension.


You always try to increase the potential of everything you do but if you limit your motivations and turn them off then you will find that you are strengthening your ambitions.


You must cultivate your sense of vision nurture your dreams and develop your faith to communicate innate joy in your life from which you will never look back.


Your first objective should be to seek fire to put warmth and vitality into your thoughts get out of your head and land your body in your heart and your courage live multidimensionally.


Learn to land yourself in reality by bringing your vision and dreams back to Earth take your confidence and give it a dose of adrenaline nothing will stop you dry land is your least comfortable state.

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