When you are angry or someone provokes your anger you don't take anger and frustration for granted and you become angry like a wild animal who thinks every moment to create destruction.


Strong solid and reliable you are ready to take a lot of responsibility in this world but you will not be able to control your anger when you will not be able to handle so be careful.


If someone is trying to blame you even if you are not at fault be careful because you can get angry and kill him and start breaking things around you.


Your highly sensitive nature motivates you to react even in the smallest situation and you get angry at the very small things in which you do not even miss out on attacking your own people.


There are only a few things in life that can cause you to react in a negative or overly emotional way you feel that you are always right and no one is better than you.


If someone pushes you too far you'll eventually reach a breaking point you'll force yourself to take it out on someone and everyone around you and even get down to death.


You spend your whole life trying to create peace and balance in the world anger has been the driving force behind many of your ambitious efforts so you do not hesitate to recognize this feeling in your life.


When you are angry the whole world knows because you are intense and exaggerated you enjoy disturbing peace and creating unrest so try not to fall into the trap just to do drama.


You are a very positive person and you hate negative emotions like anger if someone tries to make you angry you leave that place and feel confident that the potential problem has gone away or solved.


You don't feel angry at certain times in life you just don't see the point of acting on it don't hold on to these feelings because they can create incredibly toxic and negative energy.


You take responsibility for your wrongdoings by apologizing to those you have hurt and you expect the same from those around you refusing to respond if someone keeps trying to make you angry.


You will do everything you can to avoid conflicts at all costs try to remember that not every anger is bad it depends on how you use it.

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