You get very lost in your work and don't give up until it's done and never give yourself a break because you're afraid to feel like failure.


You are very busy because you have a strict schedule and if you are not able to do some work with your schedule then you feel sad and leave no room for flexibility.


You are very confident in yourself and do all the work on your own in which you do not ask for any help from anyone bcz  you are stubbornly independent and don't want to give anything to anyone.


You feel that the care and responsibility of your loved ones is yours and you don't want to disappoint them because failing will mean hurting your near and dear ones.


You are trying your best to stick to the same thing and want to fulfill all your dreams by a certain age and you feel that you have complete control over the pace of your career.


You are a very sensitive person whenever something goes wrong you blame yourself and you want to carry the whole world on your shoulders and think that it is up to you to solve everything in the world.


You have high expectations from yourself and you try your best to live up to them and whenever you feel any shortcomings, you punish yourself.


When you do any work you keep going without stopping and never stop because you do not want to lose your speed and do not want to fall behind anyone.


You ignore the signals that your mind and body are giving you to slow down you keep pushing yourself to your breaking point and you never stop even when you may finally hurt yourself.


You feel worthless if you're not working and it seems that your career values your life and you need to keep proving yourself.


You say yes to many things at once and you end up multitasking because there's no way you can possibly get so fit in one day.


You compare yourself to your near and dear ones and whenever you succeed you dismiss it as if it's not a big deal because you know someone who has achieved more than that.

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