You are mean and always keep yourself first but when you think about other people and finalize your needs you can move forward in real work relationship with benefits from friends.


You do not like sharing your emotions that come up as ownership in relationships and a casual friend benefit relationship will not work for you


You are very double and easily go from one relationship to another and you are a relationship with your friends etc. and do not live in a relationship that is expected to stand much.


You have very little confidence and you have a lot of doubt in people and your faith in people has faded because you cannot be committed so you have indulged in friendly relationships


You like to be the center of attraction and you do not just friendship for the benefit and try to go that you are the priority of your partner and not only for a short period


You do not have time to invest in the real relationship because work is not a game for you and to be a friend with advantage works for you because you can focus on achieving your goals.


Your old relationships that are not able to walk they complain to you and now you are in a friends benifit relationship because you do not want to get injured again but things are not always the same as we want


You are very confidential and like to hide rough and physically especially when it comes to your feelings and you do not like to get closer to people so you like a profitable friend


You like deceit people and you will say anything to take shortcuts throughout your life so friends with benefits do the best work for you


You like rules and structure and all things lack friendly relationships so you like to know how your partner feels about you and in which direction your relationship is going.


You like to be a friendly friend because it allows you to maintain your freedom and you don't have to worry about what to do when you feel social


You are easily in love and are known to be able to go with the flow and find yourself happy with a simple flying when the fling ends she quickly loves with the next person Are capable.

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