They like you and keep watching all your pictures, stories in social media but ignore your messages.


They make a lot of promises to you but do not ensure how to fulfill them.


They consider you very good and praise you a lot in front of people but one day they also treat you very passionately.


They keep saying that you do not like them and they do not want to have any relationship with you but still keep telling you openly about their dreams,feelings and hopes.


They like you and wait for your message and when you send them the first text message they ignore you but also want to talk to you for hours.


They look in front of you that they are very busy and they do not have time for you but when they are with you in the group they flirt with you a lot.


They keep treating you two way sometimes they hug you and become physically affectionate sometimes they do not raise the topic of their relationship with you which is not a good thing.


They love you very much because whenever they see you with someone they start getting jealous and they get away from you and flirt with others to burn you.


They are very mean to you because whenever they need you and your comfort they come to you and when you are struggling with something they do not even want to hear about your problems.


They play games with you and you don't understand they comment on you that you look very beautiful online but never make conversations offline.


Whenever they are very busy and doing their work peacefully they ignore you and do not even talk but as soon as the evening comes and they are a little drunk they start sending you messages.


They treat you like you are special and start flirting but they share pictures with other people on social media from whom they flirt like you.

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