You let others go over you who later disrespect you so you are struggling to determine boundaries.


You keep your thoughts to yourself and try to avoid some subjects instead of speaking from the heart so you are struggling to communicate clearly


Keep taking what you can get because you feel greedy so you are struggling to increase your standards


Instead of focusing on your most beautiful parts you are struggling to see your value instead of focusing on your insecurity


You have to admit that this person has made mistakes or move towards a new person who has not hurt you in the past for which you are struggling to forgive and forget.


You want to do things in your own way but if you are going to stay in a relationship then you need to fight impartially so you are struggling to compromise


You are struggling to read their signs but if they want to stay with you they will make it clear in your mind there will be no question in your mind how they feel about you


You need to give time to recover yourself because it is time to keep pace with it instead of thinking about what this world looks like without a partner so you are struggling to move forward with your old heart beats.


You don't want to be so busy at work that you don't even give yourself a chance to relax a little so you're struggling to balance your love life and work life.


If you want to end in a comfortable stable relationship then you have to go through strange intimidation moments first so you are struggling to talk with strangers.


There are some people and places that you have to leave behind to develop as a person and search for the right partner so you are struggling to say goodbye.


You are not telling your partner what you want from them and they are not able to guess so you are struggling to communicate your needs.

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