It is your destiny to win any battle you think of your ruling planet Mars is one of the wars you are intelligently motivated and assertive which makes you stronger than luck in your astrological sign.


In the life of Taurus people it always seems that a surprising punch is waiting for you you do not need luck have a lot of courage to help you deal with life's challenges.


You're not among the luckiest people although your drive and passion for knowledge takes you far beyond luck who needs charm and good luck when you have a mind like you?


Your zodiac sign is one of the few people to be truly blessed Cancer you have an intuitive sense of direction and virtue which always manages to point you in the right direction.


You don't have to worry about whether you're lucky or not whether you're very understanding and determined to get what you want ready to shape your destiny and in control of getting it.


You have the strongest shoulders of the zodiac but fate has always been out of your reach and your life has been more difficult than others you've probably gotten used to this feeling of despair.


Your life is often the way you need it you are an eternal optimist and very lucky you can thank your governing planet Venus for giving you a chance in life.


You look at the negative aspects of life but the truth is you're really lucky when you need a change in scenery life gives you that it's almost as lucky as you can be.


You are one of the luckiest signs in the zodiac life led by the ultimate lucky planet Jupiter seems to make lemonade from all the lemons that come your way you will never be on your butt without a solution.


You first face obstacles and difficulties then overcome them for others you are named as the leader of the zodiac mentally and emotionally involved in it.


When it comes to luck you have a short end to the stick you're a hell fighter and having always managed to keep your head above the water you can immerse yourself in all those misfortunes.


Pisces was ruled by Jupiter, jupiter like a long lost father still has an influence on you, you are not only lucky but also two planets which lead your life towards great fortune.

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