Expect unexpected Aries bcz it can shake your world brightly this is exactly the kind of cosmic shuffle you need to get out of your retrograde Mercury cycle.


Let yourself be fully motivated under the bright Taurus sign and coming in contact with a group or someone you admire during this new moon sign can bring you important rewards.


Your creative vision is clear right now and it's time to share it with the world this new moon provides you with a sweet opportunity to take a bold step towards your dreams.


Cancer It's time for you to step up and explore what life has to offer and you may want to explore new places and new scenery taking inspiration from the grandeur and sense of adventure of this new moon.


This amavasya is blessing you with almost mental knowledge that you need to develop spiritually in the present doing deep introspection in these days will not only be attractive but also extremely necessary.


Virgo This New Moon will bring a new beginning in partnership whether for business or romance you can set the stage for an emotionally rewarding journey.


It's time to restructure your routine and there's no better time than this new moon for a fresh start as it's an opportunity for you to start a new healthy routine with confidence and strength.


You feel fun, independent and over creative so let your magic shine Pisces is one of your [water sign] so relax and have fun as well as let fun and creative inspiration burst.


The beautiful and decadent Venus is different from your sovereign Jupiter which brings awareness of your deepest needs and desires and spend this weekend reconnecting to your roots.


If you are on the verge of burning then this new moon can bring a reality in your way and it is better to spend the day learning something new around this new moon that is not work related.


It's an incredible opportunity to reveal and define personal intentions so perform the new moon ritual and focus on your dreams and show and feel appreciation for what you already have.


It's your new moon which means it's this time of year when you can rediscover yourself supporting this brilliant lunar energy manifesting in your mental zodiac sign would be foolish not to do so.

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