You get angry from time to time one moment you are completely calm but the next moment you become very hot like a volcano at such a time you should stay calm and control your anger.


You are a very calm person but when the mercury goes above the head you get very angry so you should ignore those people who bother you because you are sensible and patient.


You are a very warm person sometimes you get so angry that you are ready to kill the person in front of you, you should try to stay calm and focus your attention elsewhere.


You are a very calm person, you try to control your anger and your emotions a lot but when you are not able to control anymore you get angry so you should keep sharing your feelings with your partner.


You mostly try to stay calm but when you are harmed by others you lose control of your anger so you should stay away from such people and be happy in yourself.


You are so calm that you are a challenge to anger in yourself you are so caught up in hiding your feelings and so entangled in your actions that you get angry so you need to rest from time to time.


You always try to make things easier and less stressful for others but you sometimes get so caught up in all this that you do not get time for yourself and you get angry so take time for yourself too.


You get angry very quickly about anything but you also need to give yourself time at such a time even if you can continue your debate after giving yourself time.


You are very calm but if someone tries to disturb you, you get angry so you should ignore the words of people who harass you.


You tend to explode by suppressing your emotions but in reality you are a calm and spontaneous person sometimes you don't even resist the things that hurt you, You should always be calm.


You like to be alone, you are so intelligent that you hate logic you do things peacefully but when things become childish and hot you get angry so shift your attention from such a place to another.


You are a very nice person at heart and deeply attached to people's emotions and like to keep things in order and when everything goes wrong you get upset and hot but mostly you stay calm.

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