When you react to extreme circumstances everyone around you will know and especially the unbalanced Aries will push people miles away you are so attracted that some people come towards you.


Taurus the lord of the decision in a bad mood assesses you every moment you tell them your feelings about how you feel but in all likelihood they will not even move to help you.


Often dealing with geminis is difficult for people who are toxic or copycated you feel that you can no longer accept their harsh criticism and high expectations.


The toxic trait most associated with Cancer is the necessity and no one can display this level of frustration encourage them to take personal responsibility.


Leo you have especially ego since a person is not emotionally mature or self aware adopt a gentle approach when dealing with the requests of Leos and compliments can sometimes calm the wild animal.


A toxic Virgo will insist on exposing and using your flaws unless you feel like you're about to explode you'll better get on the road than trying to overcome this huge speed collision.


Libra natives are one of the toughest people your emotions come out like poison which is difficult to understand but you can use their extreme playfulness to your advantage.


Some people are as dangerous as moody Scorpios they are not known as a sting for no reason try to be clear about your feelings the possibility is that even an unbalanced Scorpio will respect your openness.


You're more likely to suffer indirect damage with self destructive behavior than actively injuring anyone because of your toxic behavior unfortunately the best thing you can do is limit your risk.


The worst part of Capricorn is that he will never see your words which can make them very difficult to manage you always have the option to consciously react or react to a situation.


The eccentric Aquarius is not above bending the truth to adapt to your version of reality with which you can't expect to fight don't be afraid to take a stand if you encounter the bad behavior of Aquarius.


An injured Pisces can be extremely tamasic they are also known to be passive-aggressive and potentially timid so if a Pisces person becomes more difficult to manage it could be the end of the poison.

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