You don't like to lie to people because you believe that lies waste a lot of energy and resources but if you speak you will avoid the person you lied to.


You do not like to lie but when you feel that the truth needs to be hidden you lie again and again knowing that not even a tatya should be forgotten.


You are the biggest liar in your group and you like to make stories you hide the truth in such a way that the other person trusts your story.


You hate lying the most and lying hurts you a lot and doing so is the only way for you to avoid harm.


You are good at everything and are best at lying if you think that people are not believing in your lies then you move away from those people.


You hate lies very much and will do so only when there is something that you find absolutely necessary like the Torians you practice your lies and repeat them over and over again.


You like to judge so you don't like to lie but are actually very bad you will dodge the follow up questions about it.


You're a reliably talented liar you have the answer to every question that can arise from their stories it's hard to know when you're lying but they become defensive if you're pushed too far.


You like to lie when you need to but they're not really good at it you're very brutally honest and you get furious if things get too stressful.


You don't have time to lie and have no interest in it and think it's a total waste of time it's easier to tell if they twist the truth a bit.


You are the most inventive liars you will interact with and love to create stories and weave facts and myths together this is one of their greatest talents.


You don't like to lie but if you have to do it they will or if it will save your feelings and you will stick to your lies no matter what happens.


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