When it comes to a difficult situation or failure your mental space is filled with useless thoughts and you do a lot of physical training and exercise to escape reality.


You take a long time to manage change and failure and everything in your world is beautiful and you have to accept that Netflix gives you the full piece of oasis when your world is in chaos.


You are very talkative and charming and live your life in full shape and to escape reality you use gossip and long conversations and scramble at people who have hurt you.


You are a very romantic person and you like to read love stories you like to imagine the beauty of the characters in the story so that you feel that everything is fine in the world.


You are very attracted personality and you like to be the center of attraction what better way for you to escape reality and become the center of attraction than to show your speaking or musical skills.


You are a very practical person and don't know the meaning of escape when there is so much to manage they believe that you can run away from anything hide but not escape.


You are beautiful and attractive and want to live your life with wealth so your escape method is very stylish and what could be better than you spend a holiday in a foreign place to escape reality.


You are a very hot and passionate person and you prefer to get lost in the tangle of skin and sheets rather than difficult realities and failures.


You are a very adventurous person you love to do adventure so you plan a sudden vacation on an unknown island and try to escape reality by wearing your adventurous shoes.


You are practical and a responsible person and like to do meditation or therapeutic exercises to calm your mind while facing the troubles of reality the way your escape is to turn on the meditative light.


You are a free spirited and singular person you don't have a wide range of escape mechanisms that go from smoking pots to gardening by thinking about another happy state in your mind.


You are a very talented person and run away from reality in your creativity which can be writing painting music etc. but when you are running you should not give up and find your way to reality.

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