Whatever complaints you have about the fight in your relationship do not be afraid of your partner if they are right then you will overcome yourself and your fear will not drive them away from you.


You should accept your partner as they are if they are happy with themselves then it is good that you should not try to change them according to your own.


You think more about others than yourself but you need to remember that it is not your responsibility to please others so you need to worry about your happiness.


You are always lying you should tell the truth more than a small lie because it is difficult to trust anyone but it is very easy to break so try to lie as much as possible.


To build any relationship it is necessary to make efforts from both sides if one of them works his own efforts then no matter how much the other tries it does not cost anything.


If you really want to get someone's love then you have to remove the confusion inside you and take enthusiasm to get love so like someone and try to tell him.


Do not let your partner deteriorate and before they get worse you start showing them your love every day and if possible express love in gestures.


You should tell your heart to the person you love and if they refuse you should not force them and recognize your worth.


If your partner treats you badly it shows their personality more than you and it means that they do not know how to love you are right here.


You should also try to be a good friend along with loving your partner if you like your partner very much then tell them.


If your partner cheats on you or does something wrong with you you should forgive them because forgiveness does not mean that you want to bring them back to you.


You need to live your life so give space to those people in your life who trust you so you need to trust those people.

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