You may have worked for what you have and are determined to say the least but the worst thing you can do is try to mess with the feelings of others.


You don't take things too seriously although when things get serious you should be careful with them you can handle many things but being a fool you can't handle it.


You want nothing more than to be happy and proud of your uniqueness if someone is doing something to demean you it is better that you have big excuses at your disposal otherwise they are dead.


When someone takes advantage of you you take immediate action you are somewhat kind and will tolerate a lot but when your loved ones have done so much to take advantage of you, you will break them down.


You won't waste your time with people who don't want you because you know your worth if someone uses you to their advantage you'll waste it.


When someone treats you as if you're a fool they'll eventually wish they had kept their mouth shut because you're very knowledgeable and you'll outdo them and kick their ass whatever the situation.


If someone stops you from letting go or chasing your dreams they'll make you feel like you don't matter at all and you can't afford it, it will put a pin in your mind that will turn you into a Hulk.


You're passionate about everything you do you refuse to live your life the way others want and you don't mind letting go of people who think you should do what they want.


If someone tries to be too clingy to you it will bother you badly and you will tell them that you do not need them at all but if he knows you well then you are a fun and good person.


You want to be happy and surrounded by positive people but when someone keeps talking about your past it climbs your nerves.


You want to make a difference in this world and make the effort the worst thing anyone can say with you is that what you did wasn't enough and you won't be able to handle it well.


You can handle a lot you know how to keep the mind cool and make sure everything that needs to be done is done you will explode if someone offends you.

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