Aries are bold ambitious and energetic and usually love to fall in impulsive love and clearly show their affection towards their partner the language of their love is words affirmation and physical touch.


Taurus people are determined and connected so they like things that are real and tangible and that is why most of Taurus's love language is an act of service.


People born in this zodiac are mostly talkative and spontaneous and that is why their language of love is words of confirmation you just woo their mind and their heart will be yours forever.


People of this zodiac like to be raised they are hard from outside and soft hearted from inside who just want to take care of them which is why their love language is quality time.


The people of this zodiac are passionate, generous and loving so the way they express their love as well as the way they want to love is through physical touch.


People of this zodiac are practical and logical so they want to take action on something after careful consideration for this the love language of Virgo is about the act of service and getting stuff in return.


It is the most beautiful of all zodiac signs and at the same time they are romantic attractive easy going and most importantly sociable and are getting gifts to their love language.


Scorpios are not only diving and seductive in spirit but also magnetic and they are talkative and sociable because people are naturally attracted to them and Scorpio's love language is words of affirmation.


Sagittarius love language wants quality time, they like to spend time with people this is how they show their affection and also how you can show your affection towards them.


Capricorns are patient hardworking and always determined which is why their most prominent love language is acts of service and their sub dominant love language is receiving gifts.


Aquarius people are most attracted to intangible things so their love language is quality time they appreciate someone who spends their most valuable resource on time.


People born under this zodiac sign feel everything for everyone empathize with the people around that is why their language of love wants the act of service they want to show their affection by doing something for other people.

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