What you don't realize here is that life can and will work without you not being in that area but keep moving forward basically triggers these worrying feelings inside you.


You get anxious when this feeling of stability somehow goes out of your life and you worry when you fail to meet deadlines or when you don't meet someone on time.


You have a tendency to take the little things of life very seriously and despite your cheerful nature you become optimistic about some things very quickly which is the biggest reason for your concern.


A sense of peace and security is very important for you walking alone at night keeping a lot of eyes on you in a public place being the center of attention and negative criticism all this also worries you.


The way you want to handle things and create a sense of anxiety that goes away and what you need to do is relax you can get what you need.


When things don't go according to plan you start thinking too much about the consequences and thinking about something else almost always triggers your anxiety you need to be more confident.


Justice means the most in your life no matter what it is if you feel even the slightest injustice it really puts you under stress most of the time it is the cause of your anxiety.


You still want your peace and not having enough of this intimacy or peace triggers worrying feelings in your mind in the end the thing that scares you the most is when others don't respect your boundaries.


As a result respecting other people's standards controlling society and conforming to it stresses you far more than people realize always give yourself the best life possible.


You yourself are the cause of your anxiety because being a workaholic puts too much pressure on yourself and sets a lot of strict deadlines and that's what triggers your anxiety.


You devise your own ways and resolutions to get things done and if things don't go your way you get too anxious so that you can get back to the path you set for yourself you make changes.


Exposing everything makes you very anxious and public speaking also stresses you out even having large crowds and lots of people makes you stressed and causing anxiety.


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