You are a very smart person and if you want people to do something you dominate them with your cleverness and don't give up because you are stubborn and confrontational.


You can play victim cards and tell people a sad story and create blame if you play victim card it's probably for the impact it has on others you know how to stand on your own feet.


The smartest thing you do is pull out the truth in other words they lie and you use lies as a means of manipulating others and can rationalize your lies.


You make things worse rather than right and things seem far worse than they are anyone who sees cancer grief will do everything to make them feel better.


You do the smartest thing and are very confident but sometimes because of your ego you do something that can have negative consequences for others.


You're indirect in terms of your desires and wants you leave out clues and always make vague suggestions so that others think you came up with ideas on your own it's smart and a little timid.


The smartest thing you do is to pretend ignorance and act as if you don't know how to do something or you don't have that skill you mix attraction and flirtatiousness for better results.


Your biggest clever job is to pretend that opposing you is a big mistake if you don't have a relationship with anyone you can make any of their secrets public anytime.


Your smartest thing is to be very good if you have to bombard someone thoughtfully to do something for you then you will do true mercy is what is done without wanting anything in return.


You use your knowledge and skills to get someone to do what you want by fooling someone and making them feel the need for advice you can make them follow your plan.


Aquarius people are ghosts and it is very clever one minute they are there responding to your messages and messages on time in the second minute there is complete silence.


Your smartest job is not to take responsibility for your actions you don't think you should be accountable for anything because they are very creative and special.


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