Sometimes you have to give up your hopes and control and surrender the flow of life if feeling lost right now then know that it won't last forever.


Your opinion matters more than anyone else's so it's a practice to trust your own instincts and learn to value yourself without weighing others into the equation.


You have a tendency to distract yourself rather than fully absorb a moment and some of our feelings and thoughts can be stressful, scary even painful.


Maybe even a domestic person and because of that sometimes the outside world can slip from you so look for areas of disconnection in your life and work on building communication there.


If a certain social media app is making you feel very obsessed then try to take a break from it for a few days and remember that social media is not real life.


Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is remind yourself that life will be anything because uncertainty is a normal part of life.


Not everyone will see the world like you and it can be frustrating especially when it often feels like you can so easily put yourself in the place of others.


You can simply choose to show compassion for their humanity and forgive those who don't live up to your expectations they may not have lived up to their expectations of themselves.


Once you start procrastinating it seems that procrastinating is the easiest option but it will make it more difficult for you later on.


Don't live your life out of obligation to the version of yourself that you think you should be and the thrill can be found in the mundane if you just let it exist.


It can be easy to ignore rest but if you are not careful you may find yourself completely exhausted so put a little more effort than usual in your self care routine.


Often your sense of stagnation and lack of motivation can stem from getting lost in the monotony of monotony so lean toward things that arouse your passion.

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