You should never be afraid of loneliness, do not go to those people who treat you badly and harass you.


Loneliness is not always bad because you get to know yourself better, to get in touch with your feelings and to know the quality of yourself.


You are alone because you have not yet discovered the right people and the person you are with is not able to see your quality because you are worthy of love and look for people who love you.


You are very strong and independent and you are allowed to accept that you miss certain people and it does not make you weak and it enhances your humanity.


You never feel lonely, just think about yourself and think about making yourself better.


You have to know your own quality, believe in yourself and always be positive.


No matter how lonely someone makes you feel or you feel that you are a lonely person, then you are not alone and there are many more people with you.


Everyone has responsibilities, everyone is busy in themselves, if someone is not able to give you some time, then it does not mean that he does not care about you, he can also be busy.


You can also be upset, you can also be alone, do not push your feelings away and act as if they do not matter because the first step towards solving the problem is to accept the problem.


 Always remember that you are in control of open tasks but you cannot control whether someone can reach you or not, but you can control how often you contact them and how often you get yourself out of there.


Every single person in the world feels lonely at some point or the other, you are no exception. Everyone meets this way from time to time.


It's not just a temporary feeling, it's not going to stay there, but you have to keep yourself out there. You have to decide that connecting with others is a priority and try your best to build new bonds.

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