You rush into everything and when you are tired take a high amount of caffeine as a dose so that the strength in the body remains intact and you become addicted to caffeine.


You like to live a good and great life like new gadgets and clothes but in life you are a little raw in terms of food you like to eat junk food and you can not give it up.


You are known to live life in the best way and have fun your mind is curious and your curiosity to know everything makes you addicted to it.


You have to think a lot about anything sometimes you get so entangled in something that it becomes difficult to get out of there due to which you get stuck in yourself which is one of your bad habits.


You know your controlling value in this powerful world you like to be lost in your world you spend extra money to maintain your youth which you are addicted to.


You think that they have their places fixed for each vastu and you do not like them being unorganized you want organization cleaning and order and you can become accustomed to it.


You know how to grow everything you may be trying to overcome your last breakup and want to buy everything and think that's the one right thing that's making you addicted to it but it's wrong.


You are most emotional and the call for you is the emotional connection rather than the physical action that some people bring to your personal life which can make you addicted to it.


Whether you're jumping off a plane or playing with the fate of your life you're always ready for adventures the riskier the behavior the higher the adrenaline rush but you can also get addicted to it.


When you start your work you are in your element, you get lost in doing your work no matter how long it takes you will sacrifice your life including sleep this is your bad addiction.


You have long known that alcohol has the power to calm the voices of your mind but still you consume it which is a bad addiction alcohol to you.


You are an addict personality you only love or enjoy things in your life and indulge in any flaws that you can take advantage of you have some bad habits that you have become addicted to.

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