You have a stubborn attitude and you're a little arrogant bully and lowly inclined you need to take the time to step back and realize that crushing everyone to get to the top isn't a good idea.


Loyalty and trust are important to you and you are quite stubborn and frozen which should be expected from a sign represented by a bull and you have a new love for all beautiful things.


You are a divided personality that makes it difficult to fully understand your thoughts and you are always likely to give a compelling argument to both sides of the story.


You are an extremely sensitive person although it can make you feel completely exhausted at the end of the day you not only internalize most of your own and others' feelings.


You may seem a little arrogant and unpleasant but you have a sure idea of who you are that you are attractive and you don't let anyone bother you and want to be the center of attention.


If someone has a big problem that they're having trouble solving then you're a great person to go to him try not to be so logical that you lose your empathy.


You are a very balanced and rational person and always try to treat everyone fairly but people often see you as cold which is not true.


You are always looking for the truth and are very adept at identifying false people though this obsession sometimes focuses on negative emotions including passion and jealousy.


You hate the feeling of being attached you are always ready to leave everything and go on an adventure whenever you get the opportunity you have a desire to travel.


You tend to ignore your inner thoughts to accomplish a task you are most likely to succeed bcz of the daily orientation in your life.


You are different from your group of friends but you secretly love it and you have a deep love for humanity even if you don't feel the need to express yourself in an attractive way.


You are a chameleon and constantly change your mind and have problems feeling yourself and it is normal for you to get swept away in your imagination for a long time but you can't stop it.


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