Your seductive style is usually bold and confident you are very charming and brave you are not afraid to tell someone if you like them you are done what you are determined to do once.


You are a very romantic and sensual traditional person your seductive style is usually sweet and romantic you have a subtle approach to flirting with the person you like.


You have a good understanding of language and words including body language and usually your sense of humour is very good but if the person in front does not meet your requirement then you get bored.


You are a very romantic and caring personality you love to take care of your partner and you are proud that your partner has liked you and you are attractive as well as a good listener.


You are bold, charming and selfish adorable style you are adept at pretending and are not afraid to show your feelings when you love someone you are not afraid to tell and like to receive praise.


You're one of the most conflicting signs so you'll have trouble knowing if they really like you or not you ever become reserved, sensual, romantic, you change your mood in an instant.


You are generally born adorable and you like to joke and flirt with people you excel because of your beauty and charm you really make other people feel good.


You are considered to be the master of temptation your intensity and sensual love is so much in you that you do not take long to seduce anyone your style is intensely direct and emotional.


You are blessed with a magnetic personality and are excited to take up adventures you have a fun and intuitive way of flirting that attracts others to you but you can lose your partner.


One style of your temptation is honest practical and straight forward you go out of intelligence which means you won't flirt with people you don't find intellectually interesting.


You are an intelligent and social personality who attracts people to you, you can attract whole groups of people at one time with your humor intelligence and passion and use it to your advantage.


You are usually very mysterious but you are also full of sensual so your charming style is both sweet and clumsy when you love someone you tell about your feelings directly and honestly.

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