You care about people and you go out with good looking kind men but the problem is that you want more of your time and energy than what you want to give.


You are stubborn and known to have a strong outlook and you are not good at terms of compromising or giving a little but still it is the passionate and determined person who always catches your eye.


You like people like you who are charismatic and courageous if a guy is a risk taker and boss then you will fall in love with him just like you should be as charming and funny as you.


You are someone who has deep emotions and you like people who have a lot of personality but who will also give you a certain amount of emotional stability and you need someone who likes to relax at home.


You thrive on people who are super intelligent and creative unless they are competitive with you but you want someone to inspire you with their uniqueness enthusiasm and general love of life.


You go for artistic drama kings who feed your supportive and nurturing qualities you end up with a setback that treats you less like a significant other and more like support staff.


You are fascinated by a person with energy confidence and attraction when someone consistently and creatively shows their interest in you and you like it.


You want someone who stayed with you for a long time although you are moody and unsure your partner should be able to handle your ever changing emotions.


You love adventure travel new experiences and intelligent and open minded boys because you want a guy who will be with you in your every adventure.


You are trust worthy hardworking and independent and you make those qualities attractive and you love sensitive loyal and affectionate people who support and nurture you.


You are open-minded and comfortable with different kinds of people everyone feels very comfortable with you and a guy who knows himself well keeps you going.


You are dreaming romantics and enjoy fantasy but still you are ready for people who are solid practical and who bring structure and support to your world.

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