To You Aries

Your life is an action and I believe you will talk to humanity about the creations of the universe and so each seed you sow will be converted into a million new seeds.

To You Taurus

Your work requires a lot of patience because you have to finish everything that has been started so I give you the power to turn the seed into matter otherwise the seeds will be lost.

To You Gemini

Let you all understand what they see around you so I give you answers to unanswered questions you will never know why people are talking or listening but looking for answers you will find my gift knowledge.

To You Cancer

My idea for you is to make people around you laugh so that everything they see and think develops inside so I entrust you with the task of teaching people's emotions.

To You Leo

Your job is to show people my creation in all its glory the creation is made by my hands not by your hands if you forget it you will become a subject of human contempt. Take it seriously.

To You Virgo

I ask you to analyze all that humanity has done with my creation and you should examine their ways and remind them of their mistakes so that my creation is perfect.

To You Libra

You ensure that human beings are aware of their duties towards each other because your mission is service so you should also teach them the ability to think about their actions along with cooperation.

To You Scorpio

You will have the ability to know the mind of others but this is a very difficult task you will be disappointed with what you will see and you will be away from me in your pain.

To You Sagittarius

Despite your misunderstanding about my idea they will become bitter so I ask you to make people smile because through laughter you have to give hope to people and in this hope your eyes will turn towards me.

To You Capricorn

Your work is not easy bcz you will feel the weight of humanity on your shoulders so I give you the mission to learn at work you are blessed with the responsibility of brothers and sisters.

To You Aquarius

I give you the concept of the future so that people can see other possibilities but I will give you the pain of loneliness because I don't allow you to personalize your love.

To You Pisces

I ask you to collect all the pain of the world and return them to me which is actually a very difficult task the grief you are going to absorb is the effect of people's misunderstanding on my view.

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