You are not afraid to do any work and take risks very few people are able to do this you are always working people remember you because you do not hesitate to do any work.


Whenever people miss you they praise your patience and way of thinking you make sure that before doing any work whether that work should be done you do not rush into anything.


People remember you because your tendency to talk makes people feel that how fast you spread the secret told by them like a rumor it is good for someone and disturbing for someone.


You are known for your sensitive nature and that makes you a two edged sword people remember you because they are attracted to the way you behave smartly.


You are overconfident but at the same time your arrogance also makes people feel wrong people remember you because of your ego but it depends on who you are talking to.


You always demand a lot from yourself and the people around you people remember you for your incredibly high standards you also have a way to inspire people to meet to become better.


There are many things for which people remember you but the chief among them is your fair and balanced personality bcz you know how to identify right and wrong but it can also make you self justified.


You have a lot of complaints and people always remember you for your tamasic behavior when people hurt you, you take revenge instead of forgetting it but tamasic nature can be used for both good and evil.


People remember and worship you for your free spirit they pay attention to how courageous and fearless you are to embrace a new experience you don't fulfill the promises and commitments you make.


You are a very angry and combative person and people always remember this behavior of you though you do not want to do all this socially because you are hardworking and goal oriented.


You are a very kind hearted and intelligent person for which people remember you because you are always interesting because of the depth of your knowledge.


You are very creative and artistic skilled and people miss you because you know how to incorporate your emotions into your creative adventures.

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