Aries (Exercise)

Sweating helps you feel like yourself because you're naturally energetic and physical so you can dance your butt in front of your mirror.


You know what your area of expertise is and you know how to work hard slapping on a clay mask is a great way to take a soothing bath and then give yourself a cute pedicure at home.


Chatting with your friends is fun but being so social can also be tedious so create a Reddit account and start browsing threads that pique your interest.

Cancer ( Baking)

Browse everyone's heart through the relaxing act of cooking and be creative with what you have it will keep you busy for a few hours.


Use your great personality and your confident personality by going live on Instagram to entertain your customers you are sure to be entertained with the excitement of having all eyes on you.


If you are bored you can trim your clothes or organize all your jewelry once you get into rhythm you will find that the hours are passing like minutes and the end result will definitely bring happiness.


If you're bored you don't need any outside excuses to experiment with your look browse your wardrobe and try out awesome dress combinations then take photos for later reference.


If you are bored then you start googled for resources on the basics of reading astrological charts then do some research you will be giving Zoom Astro Reading to your friends and family in no time.


If you're bored entice yourself with exploring your free spirit by taking an online course to learn a new skill from home there are many virtual resources that can enrich your day.


If you're bored and your CV LinkedIn account and other professional resources are up to date it's always floating somewhere on our work lists so doing it will feel like a big achievement.


If you're bored develop your mind while having fun by broadcasting a documentary browsing the streaming service of your choice for great options.

PISCES (Be creative)

If you're bored you should supply your art whether it's paint and canvas magazines and glue for collages or just pencils and paper and spend a few hours expressing freely.

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