(The Cool Ex)
You are not your ex's friend but you are also not an enemy and treat them well and have no complaints against them.


(The Emotional Ex)
Your ex may not be perfect for you but in reality you want good for them and consider them to be happy and wish them good luck for their future.


( The Rotating Ex )
Sometimes you don't want a relationship with your ex but agree to come together later maybe your relationship never ends.


( The Overly Helpful Ex )
You are still ready to help your ex because it is a little difficult for them to forget you so they keep calling you for favor.


( The Showboating Ex )
You want your ex to know that you are doing everything well without them and want to show them your happiness so that they regret cheating on you.


( The Nosy Ex )
You keep checking your ex even if you don't want to have a relationship with them again anymore but still want to know what they are doing.


( The Friendly Ex )
You remain friends with your ex and everything is fine between the two of you just don't live together anymore.


( The Jealous Ex )
You want to conquer the breakup with your ex and keep comparing yourself to the rest of their ex and be happy.


( The Dreaded Ex )
Even when you break all ties with your ex and move forward their new partner continues to warn you to stay away from them and see you as a threat.


( The MIA Ex )
When you break all the bonds with your ex you block them from your whole life so that they can not contact you even if they want to in the future.


( The Non-Threatening Ex )
Sometimes your ex's partner still loves you because you are so good with them and there is no misunderstanding of any kind.


( The Messy Ex )
You sometimes even miss your ex and try to contact them again because you have trouble staying away from them.


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