It definitely improves the way you say and think and also gives you a greater desire to think about your future and move forward.


Mercury advises you to be responsible so that you don't make mistakes and have to pay more attention to your work and always give your opinion and contribution in every work.


In your case Mercury is now interested because you can enjoy a better personal tone and mental lightness and absolutely special practice and your future does not scare you.


Your zodiac sign's Mercury stops resisting and does something that will make your couple dialogue or interaction with people close to you easier and more effective.


Mercury begins to resist you and clear signs which normally recommend discretion with spending and with words and tests because it is not the time to do very difficult or special tasks.


If your planet doesn't address your zodiac sign directly in a pause you can try to relax and set aside the haste remember that it will be in opposition for a long time you should order.


Talking to you becomes very easy and fun to think and imagine and you understand that you can create a strong mind that you can understand and know how to work.


Mercury advises you not to trust anyone too much and this is not the time to expect big rewards so send your appointment with a request.


Mercury's new and light friendship will definitely help you communicate better with the partner or the people you work with because you shouldn't be afraid to say what you think.


Mercury has helped you think and get help from your mind since the beginning of the year now you should move towards each idea and facts and become practical solid.


Everything becomes possible when a wise zodiac like yours receives a trip to Mercury bcz you will know how to go beyond the usual understanding and everything will become clear.


Pisces is a short break in love and emotions and from february Mercury will be in your zodiac sign for a long period of relationship so take advantage of the next few weeks to lighten the heart.


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