You are very smart you know very well how to deal with whom, due to which some people who underestimate you do not understand that you deliberately manipulate some to look less in front of them.


You look very cute and innocent due to which people make mistakes in understanding you and they start judging you because of your face even before they know your nature and underestimate you.


You are very clever and calm and never get out of the things inside you so people think that you don't think of anything and underestimate you.


People try to underestimate you because you are willing to compromise to find a middle path instead of fighting for your rights they make the mistake of thinking of you as straight and weak.


You are a very clever and timid person and are good in front of people but behind their backs you do all the work that is necessary for you and people consider you a coward and people consider you to be a coward.


You are very calm and polite by nature and do not praise your achievements and quietly achieve achievements which makes people feel worthless and they make the mistake of underestimating you.


You are impulsive you can think with a very calm mind in any situation and find solutions on your own but people do not realize that they underestimate you.


You are soft-hearted and emotional so people think that you will continue to increase your problems because you care a lot about your close ones so people underestimate you.


You are too lazy and you don't realize the value of yourself others underestimate you because you underestimate yourself.


You like to mingle in your background and people underestimate you because you don't like to be the center of attention so people don't consider you a threat to themselves.


People try to underestimate you because of your good nature they assume that they can put pressure on you or get their work done without any problem.


You always try to stay calm and cost people that you will flow with the flow and not talk to them because you are 90% moving due to which people underestimate you.

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