You are so outspoken and courageous that people find you very intimidating most people are unable to talk to you because you find it difficult to approach and because of this you spend more time alone.


You are very stubborn and you always try to convey your message to people but due to your stubborn nature people are very afraid of you and always want to be in your good books.


It is very easy for you to speak but when you open your mouth no one knows what to expect because whenever you express your opinion and many people find it intimidating.


When defending the person you love you start scaring people more because when you defend you do not see whether you are doing right or not you are ready to do anything.


You spend a lot of time knowing that everything should be the way it should be and because of that whatever you do is right there so people are afraid of you because they can't.


You do more than criticize others and by doing so you are intimidating people because people never know how you will feel when you are the victim of criticism yourself.


You never display your feelings and because of this people do not know how you feel because the things that happen in your life affect you so your reaction scares people.


You're completely different from what you look like in front of people you're one of the scariest people because you always leave people as if they're out of your limits.


You always do crazy and you always do things that leave people behind so you are scary and people are afraid to get close to you because they don't know how long you are going to live.


You are a very colorful and interesting person you work very hard and you forget when you have to stop due to which people get left behind and get away from you, so you people feel scary.


You always do the opposite and you know that because of this you find people a little scary and you do what you think you should do you don't care what others say.


You're quite unstable you're sometimes willing to say and do things you shouldn't be able to do when you get angry you get so scary that people have to avoid you.

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