You're hard to find bcz you're so adventurous and fun and you need adventure and fun built into a date and of course you can't be tied by anyone.


It's hard to find you bcz you're kind and affectionate to meet everyone and appreciate everyone's feelings and you can't be with someone who isn't expressive or vocal with their feelings.


It's hard to find you because most people don't pay attention to your emotional needs thinking you don't have anyone but actually you feel things deeply.


It's hard to find you bcz you won't be able to contact people unless you're fully with you and your ability to detect fake people also prevents you from maintaining a larger social circle.


It's hard to find you bcz it's not easy for you to emotionally connect with someone who isn't mentally like you and it's very difficult to find people like you.


It's hard to find you bcz your emotional energy for you, your time and your intelligence are a very important personal good that you don't consider worthy of giving to everyone.


It's hard to get you bcz it's very easy for you to establish and maintain social relationships and with countless explorers you'll choose someone who relates to your life.


You're hard to find bcz you can't settle for someone who isn't able to provide you with the things you need and you have a mental image of an ideal partner when it come to social relationships.


It's hard to get you bcz you expect everyone to understand you and your point of view without taking your point of view personally and always have your own unique perspective.


You are difficult to achieve bcz you are serious and decisive and if you love someone with all your heart but they don't pay the necessary attention to you then you just walk away from them.


It's hard to find you bcz most people give up very easily without appreciating your existence with constant effort and you always protect your emotional well being.


It's hard to get you bcz you've hurt yourself in the past by trusting the wrong person and it's no longer easy to gain your trust and your potential candidate has to be very patient.


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