You are quite stubborn and always ready to get the job done and you always think of an overview and you think you are better than everyone else but that's not true.


You are quite materialistic and very determined in your behavior and you are someone who always thinks about the things you want you are looking for love and want to be with others.


You like to talk and it's quite a job to keep quiet when you speak and you're constantly trying to understand everything going on in your mind and you want to have fun while being confrontational.


You always think about others and try to find ways to do well in this life and you feel very tired after each day ends and you refuse others to take care of yourself.


You're always trying to find ways to get people to look like you and want to be the center of attention no matter what but you're quite a donkey for those who see your charm.


You worry too much and always think about the problems that come up and because of this you criticize others a lot and you are in conflict with your mind always turning yourself around.


You're one of the most balanced zodiac signs and always working on yourself and trying to be as fair as possible and it seems like your mind controls more than it should be.


You are quite mysterious and very clever and you seek the truth because you are full of passion and romance people love to be around you.


Your mind made you believe that by running you show power but in reality you do the opposite and you are someone who always disappears in difficult times.


You are someone who thinks that the harder you work the more you move forward and that's not always true and you spend a large part of your life running away from loneliness in all the bad ways.


You are a person who is very in control but you seem very cold in the eyes of others because of it and you always think about the bad side and rarely have positive thoughts.


You are creative and always find new ideas but you rarely let them turn into something although the way you think is not bad but it is a bit dizzy.


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